Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Khan Do It!

Today I am starting a journal on my experience implementing the Khan Academy in my middle school math classes. I have used Khan and directed my students to look at the videos as help on their homework. After discovering the exercise software portion of the Academy, I decided to try and use it in my classes.

I usually teach two courses each year, grade 7 math (we call it Pre-Algebra) and Algebra 1 (mostly to 8th grade students). However, as in most math classes, the diversity of math skills is large. I may have some students that may be struggling with very basic math while in the same class have students that are almost ready for Algebra.

Some other challenges I face include very bored students, students that can learn math but need extra time to understand it, students that are unwilling to ask questions if they don't understand something during a lecture and students that have totally given up on learning math.

I believe the Khan Academy helps me address a lot of these challenges.

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